Meet BLUETTI’s newest power solutions for the whole home and beyond

BLUETTI EP900 and B500
(Image credit: BLUETTI)

For over 10 years, BLUETTI has been serving up capable power solutions for both inside and outside the home. At CES 2023, it’s showing off its latest kit with the monstrous EP900 and B500 combo, providing enough juice for the whole home.

The new EP900 is an all-in-one unit that can take in electricity, store it, and output it. You can connect it to your home’s AC wiring to fill its built-in battery or integrate it into a solar system. It can soak up power from up to a 9kW solar array. Its hybrid inverter lets it provide 120V or 240V AC power with pure sine wave output or take it directly from mains power, making it a simple option to integrate into your home’s electrical. 

The EP900 has a sizable LiFePo4 battery built in with an advanced battery management system to maximize performance and longevity. That’s just scratching at the surface of the system’s maximum capacity, though. With a B500 battery, you can increase the capacity to about 9kWh. The EP900 and B500 units stack conveniently to make arraignment a sinch. With the option to combine up to 8 batteries together, you can max out capacity at 39.6kWh. For some perspective, that’s enough juice to keep a whole home running for several days.

Having all that backup power can certainly come in handy during a blackout, as it can keep critical electronics running. At the full 39.6kWh, it’d cost you less than $20 to fully charge, which is likely a lot less expensive than the cost of replacing spoiled food in the fridge. With the system’s ability to serve as a UPS and kick in automatically within 10ms of the power going out, it can keep you out of all sorts of sticky situations that can arise from complete power outages and momentary blips. While the EP900 and B500 are there to have your back, BLUETTI also has your back with a 10-year warranty and 24/7 customer service on the pair. Meanwhile, BLUETTI’s app allows for convenient, real-time management of the system and over-the-air firmware updates.

BLUETTI AC500 and B300

(Image credit: BLUETTI)

The EP900 and B500 join the rest of BLUETTI’s product lineup, which also saw the recent addition of the AC500+B300S. Those units were developed with the support of $11 million in funding from over 4,000 Indiegogo backers. While the EP900 combo is built to serve you inside the home, the AC500 combo is built for more flexibility inside and outside the home. 

The AC500 is a 16-outlet solar generator capable of outputting 5kW of pure sine wave power. It’s even possible to pair two AC500 units in series for 240V and 10,000W output. The unit can take 5,000W of AC power and 3,000W solar input simultaneously to charge a pair of connected B300 or B300S batteries at up to 8,000W, making it possible to charge up in just a couple hours. Paired with one B300 battery, you’ll be looking at 3,072Wh of capacity (roughly a day’s worth), but you can stack up to six batteries for 18,432Wh total.

With the capacity and portable design, the AC500 and B300 combo lets you keep select electronics running at home, stay powered at a campsite, or give an RV extra power.

Whether you want the option to have electronics running off the grid or want to keep your home powered even when the grid lets you down, BLUETTI’s latest options have you covered. You can find them and the rest of BLUETTI’s lineup here