Tim Cook voted world's best CEO

Tim Cook voted world's best CEO
Tim cook's up a storm

Tim Cook will receive a 'best boss eva' mug in the post, with news he has been named as the CEO with the best approval rating on the planet.

The list, which is essentially a 'hot or not' system for bosses, has been created by Glassdoor and was topped by Eric Schmidt in 2011.

In 2012, the number one spot belongs to Tim Cook, with the Apple boss racking up an impressive 97 per cent approval rating.

In second place is Ernst & Young CEO Jim Turley, Paul E Jacobs of Qualcomm is in third and in at fourth and fifth Ken Chenault of American Express and Google's Larry Page - they both have a 94 per cent approval rating.

Top cats

What does arbitrary approval scheme mean? Well, not a whole lot in this big wide world but it does show that Apple is doing very well after the Steve Jobs legacy.

And what's interesting is that Tim Cook's rating is higher than Steve Jobs' in 2011 – 97 per cent to Jobs' 94 per cent.

Another newly instated CEO who is doing better than there predecessor is HP's Meg Whitman.

She may only be at 24 in the list, but the approval rating of 80 per cent is far higher than Leo Apotheker's 67 per cent.

This is impressive, but not as impressive as the amount of times we have written 'per cent' in this article – which stands at a cool seven.


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