Tech firms dominate Best Global Brands list

IBM - the biggest technology brand in the world
IBM - the biggest technology brand in the world

Coca-Cola may hold the coveted top spot for the best global brand, but a list out this week shows that when it comes to brand names that resonate around the globe, technology firms dominate.

In the top ten brands, according to Interbrand, seven are tech based. These include big hitters like IBM, Microsoft and Google who are in second, third and fourth spot respectively.

Other technology companies heading up the top ten include Intel (7), Nokia (8), Disney (9) and HP.

Tech domination

And you don't have to look too far down the list for other gadget companies. Apple and Samsung make the top 20 (17 and 19), while Canon, Sony, Amazon and Nintendo are in the top 50.

It's not just where the brands are in the list which paints a picture, however, but how much their brand value has changed.

Interbrand reveals that Nokia, though at number 8, has lost 15 per cent brand value.

While Apple is at number 17 but gained 37 per cent brand value – one per cent more than Google in number 4 and the biggest rise by any company in the list.

With these numbers, the list may be quite different next year.

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