Steve Jobs' old business cards will go to the highest bidder

Steve Jobs

If you're jonesing to do a little good in the world while also nabbing a new item for the memorabilia case, today may be your lucky day. The Marin School in San Rafael, California has put three of Steve Jobs's old business cards up for auction, first caught by Business Insider.

The three cards span from 1984 to 1990, when Jobs went from Chairman of Apple, to CEO of NeXT and Chairman of Pixar. These little cards have undoubtedly caught the attention of Apple and tech lovers everywhere.

Steve Jobs business cards

This piece of modern history will cost a pretty penny

According to the Sierra Antonio, Director of Communications at The Marin School, the cards were provided by a family that used to cater for Jobs and wisely kept them in the condition they were when they left the tech icon's pocket.

After the online auction is closed, it will go to a gala to benefit The Marin School, with absentee bidding available through the site.

The auction to benefit the school is open until May 7. The current bid is at $3,035 (about £2,006, AU$3,879) and rising as of this writing, making these cards pricier than a Michael Jordan rookie baseball card. (Though, to be fair, far less than an Apple Watch Edition.)


Image Credit: The Marin School