10 Xbox One Launch games that will blow you away

10 Xbox One Launch games that will blow you away
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It's fair to say that consoles live or die by their content - and the launch games can be a huge boost in the race to our gaming hearts.

The Xbox One arrives soon and we already have an idea of which games will be vying for the title of 'killer app' and follow in the footsteps of such legendary titles as Halo and Call of Duty 2.

Of course, some massive titles like Titanfall and Watch Dogs will not be among the opening salvo, but those queuing up for an Xbox on day One will not be short of choice, so we've picked out 10 titles that have already piqued our interest.

Fifa 14

FIFA 14: aiming high on Xbox One


Although it arrived for last-gen consoles in September, there's no doubt that FIFA 14 will be among the most played launch titles for Xbox One. With some lucky enough to get a bundled digital edition with their pre-ordered console, the FIFA franchise is a big deal for gamers and the opportunity to play it with a whole new set of next-gen bells and, ahem, whistles.

These upgrades include a crowd that no longer looks like a strange deck of pixelated sprites and players that move more convincingly. It may be a bit of a next-gen open goal, but it's pretty much guaranteed to be a top scorer.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

CoD is a bona fide superstar of gaming, and the next arrival in the series, Call of Duty: Ghosts, will be looking to showcase what the next-generation of first person shooters can provide in a world where the US has been conquered.

Xbox One owners will also be getting timed DLC exclusives that will expand your Ghosts world and give you even more missions to explore, as Infinity Ward continues the success of its award-winning series.

Dead Rising 3

Things have got a little more interesting since Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 3

An Xbox exclusive, Dead Rising 3 is shaping up to not only be a slice of unmitigated zombie-bashing fun but also a game that will take advantage of the much improved SmartGlass app for your tablet and phone.

Faux phonecalls, offline character customisation and the vast maps will add to a game world that is all about escapism, ridiculous costumes and wanton destruction. And let's not forget more customisable weapons than you can shake an 'ultimate grim reaper' at.

Forza Motorsport 5

Racing games have always been a little bit divisive for gamers, but for every person looking for the ejector seat button is another vociferous group who desperately want to be customising the paint on their Audi supercar and ghosting past 'cloud powered' opponents which borrow real racing data from your friends and the Forza community.

There's a Top Gear tie-in which means you can Stig it to the man as well but, let's be honest, the fun really stems from driving the kinds of supercars that you'll only ever normally see double-parked outside Harrods.

Ubisoft's seafarer is one to whet our appetites for Xbox One potential


Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Assassins! Pirates! Conspiracies! Yes alright, the Assassin's Creed series is only dinosaurs and Bruce Lee short of a 10-year-old's best short story ever, but Ubisoft's third person actioner has deservedly won a loyal audience.

Seafaring fourth incarnation Black Flag is promising to show off exactly what the Xbox One can do. AC has always been graphically impressive and the showcases so far have done nothing but whet our appetite for just what kind of world can be wrangled from the One.

Battlefield 4

Shooters are well represented at launch, and as well as the latest CoD there will be another massive and successful franchise looking to capture some next-gen market with Battlefield 4 hoping to bring multiplayer massacre to the masses.

With simultaneous 64-player maps - significantly bigger than the 24 player offerings for Xbox 360 and PS3 - BF4 on Xbox One is shaping up to be a potential mega-hit and we couldn't be more excited.