10 Xbox One Launch games that will blow you away


Are you not entertained!?

Ryse: Son of Rome

With the likes of Gladiator and Spartacus lighting up cinemas and television screens, a game that deals with swords and sandals was always likely, and in Ryse: Son of Rome the Xbox One has an exclusive title that has won early admiring glances.

Originally envisioned as a Kinect title, this has now evolved into a controller-led hack-and-slash-em-up that sees you rise from humble beginnings to a general of Rome as you seek revenge for your family and slaughter thousands with your righteousness. Beautiful looking and allowing you to use the Kinect to order around your legions - Ryse is shaping up to be a memorable game.

Just Dance 2014

Dancing? Are we kidding? Hang on a minute while we explain. If you're like us then you might well need to justify your Xbox One purchase to the softcore gamer members of your household and the Just Dance series provides the party appeal that just may make the new Kinect your Trojan Horse to getting a next-gen console under your television from launch.

Of course, we could just be saying this to disguise our secret desire to perfect our Call me Maybe boogie before we hit the clubs. We couldn't possibly say.

Crimson Dragon

One worth firing up the Xbox One for

Crimson Dragon

Crimson Dragon has excited the retro gamer in us by being labelled the 'spiritual successor' to Panzer Dragoon. For those who no longer gaze fondly at their old Dreamcast, Panzer Dragoon was an on-the-rails shooter that saw you piloting your drago(o)n through levels of fiery destruction.

Designed by PD's Yukio Futatsugi Crimson Dragon will see you remounting your trusty flying lizard steed. We're already getting hot under the collar.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes

If you haven't yet played a LEGO game on a console through some misguided idea that they are for kids then we urge you to have a rethink. Child-friendly, certainly, but awesome for adults as well and we can't wait to see whether Marvel Superheroes will knock our blocks off.

Expect plenty of Iron man, Thor and Hulk but also a healthy dose of Spiderman and X-Men as Marvel's finest stick together to the end