One More Thing: Woz likes this

One More Thing: Woz likes this
We have no evidence to suggest that Woz also likes this Nintendo domino video

I Woz One of ThoseApple co-founder Steve 'Woz' Wozniak (or, as no one likes to call him, the Wozinator) would buy shares in Facebook, money no object. "I don't care what the opening price is," he said. Get us a couple, will you Wozzla? [Bloomberg]

Gotta Loewe rumour - Shares in swanky TV maker Loewe leapt up 30 per cent on the strength of a rumour that Apple may acquire it. Um, Apple might acquire TechRadar too. A source familiar with the matter told us. And we've seen the iPhone 5. Guys? Anyone? Hello? [Reuters]

Kaboom - By day it processed film and projected slides, but by night, Kodak nipped down to its bunker and tinkered with 3.5lbs of enriched uranium. For some reason, the camera company had a nuclear reactor and the ability to destroy the world (or a bit of it, at least) if they saw one more angled self-portrait with just a touch of lens flare. We can't help but wish they'd kept it in a volcano bunker though, to be honest. [Gizmodo UK]

Every little etc - Forget Smartprice beans, Asda's got something a little more tempting up its aisles: a trio of brand-name TVs with bargain price tags, including a 50-inch LG plasma TV for just £447. Sadly the LG 50PA4500 is only 720p rather than full HD but if you're not that fussy then it's probably worth a look. Insert your own reference to the summer of sport here. [PR]

Well excuuuuse me, Princess – Somebody with rather a lot of time on their hands made this mesmerising video of 30,000 dominoes tumbling in the various shapes of sweet Nintendo iconography… wait a minute, Sonic the Hedgehog? GET OUT. [Kotaku]

Alex Mack - It's fair to say that Angry Birds has had a good run. But, as though sensing that the world is losing interest in firing irate poultry at ouef-favouring pigs, Rovio has announced that it has a new game on the way. The new game, named Amazing Alex, looks intensely irritating and will be out to annoy everyone on iOS and Android in around two months. [BGR]


Disney magic – Virtually any material can be made into a multi-touch interface thanks to new tech called Touché, developed by Disney Research. Examples include a "sensing couch", a doorknob, or even a container full of water like a bath. Call us weird, but we don't like the sound of semi-sentient bath. This video below gives you a glimpse into the future which could see you controlling your iPod just by tapping your own hand. Magic. [IdeaLab]

Valuable use of time – Art historians at the University of California, right, are using new software to identify people in crowd scenes of classical paintings. They've got $25,000 to tinker with the software, which might not even work because it was built to identify the faces of real live people in crowds. It all sounds very worthwhile. Keep us posted on how it all goes, yeah? [MSNBC]

One small step X – SpaceX, the private space enterprise, has had the all-clear from Nasa to launch on May 19. The wonderfully named Dragon capsule will zip on over to the International Space Station, drop off a few supplies and then pop back to earth. Just like nipping to the shops, really. [Slashgear]

Green stream - Ah, music streaming. No cases, no covers, no problem for the environment, right? Even Spotify's logo is green and that can't be a coincidence. But wait! A MusicTank study penned by Dagfinn Bach says otherwise because of all the pesky inefficient datacentres used for storing and transporting all that data to you. Want to help the polar bears? Do a bit of local caching instead which means you only transport the song once instead of repeatedly. [Wired]

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