One more thing: paper laptops and Facebook ladies

One more thing: paper laptops and Facebook ladies
News in the briefest of fashions

Love may have been in the air yesterday but it has been swiftly replaced with fun. Lots of fun and tech. That's because TechRadar's daily news in brief is here - the perfect antitodote to your romantic hangover.

Here are 10 stories to help you forget that nagging feeling that you got royally ripped off by the man selling you roses in the petrol station last night.

Pap-top – Fancy having a laptop but have an irrational fear of plastic or aluminium? Then fear not, as a laptop made out of paper has been created. It's being touted as the most environmentally friendly laptop around and it is cheap too. Sounds great, if a little Blue Peter-esque for our liking. (Fastcoexist)

Erase you up – A new app called Remove has been developed which can erase wandering people from the backgrounds of photos. Created by Scalado, it is in prototype stage at the moment so you'll still have to shout at any passer-by that unwittingly gets in your shots but it should be ready in the coming months. Now if only they developed an app that does this to real life… (GizMag)

Don't forget your toothbrush – Cleaning your teeth just got that little bit more techy with the launch of the Beam Brush – a toothbrush that is connected to an app. The app tells you if you have done the right amount of brushing and will log your tooth-based habits. It's the first time anything like this has been done so we are expecting the device to have a few teething troubles. Arf arf. (Gizmodo)

Cold shoulder – The Samsung Galaxy S2 has come out top in a cold endurance test for smartphones, with the handset managing to withstand temperatures of -20°C and only conking out after -35°C. Now that's what we call cold calling. [PR]

Twitter data face-palm – Twitter has been a touch naughty with the data it receives, admitting it will store you and your friends contact details for 18 months – including phone numbers and emails. Twitter said it wants to be transparent about the whole thing and will change the wording of how it uploads your contacts in an upcoming app update. Tut tut. [Zdnet]

The price is not right Sony has admitted that it made a mistake in hiking up the price of two of Whitney Houston's albums after the singer's death. It has also apologized for any offence caused. As we are in the habit of tutting, this one deserves a big three tuts. Tut tut tut. [NY Times]

Women love Facebook – Women are the most likely to use Facebook, while men love a bit of Foursquare. No this is not a euphemism, but a study into social networking habits of those wonderful things called human beings. [The Next Web]

RIP RNB – SOCA has shutdown the website for alleged copyright infringement and posted a rather nasty notice on the homepage explaining that "SOCA has the capability to monitor and investigate you, and can inform your internet service provider of these infringements". Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you. [BBC Tech]

YouTube defines funny – If you want to know what's funny, then head over to YouTube's blog and you'll be in stitches. This is because the site is trying to understand what is perhaps the most subjective video category around – comedy. Apparently, it's all to do with how many o's the Lols have in comments. Nope, we have no idea either. [YouTube]

Gaming ends marriages – If you play games and are married (not many, we know) then you may want to avoid MMORPGs from now on. Not because they have the clumsiest acronym ever but because they lead to marital dissatisfaction. There is an easy way to fix this – just marry an orc. [Wired]

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