One More Thing: Mughots made from DNA incoming

One More Thing: Mughots made from DNA incoming

Face-off – It is has been revealed that your DNA may one day be unravelled to extract "facial landmarks" – which essentially means that scientists could soon build your face just from probing your genetic code. Nic Cage would approve. []

Blame Canada – Netflix is not happy with ISPs in Canada, as the country's problematic data capping system means that, in Netflix's words, it gets "third-world" access to the internet. Saucer of milk… [GigaOm]

Google offers insurance – And there was you thinking the title to this one was a play on words. But, no, Google actually now offers car insurance comparisons within its search engine, bringing it head-on into rivalry with meerkats and talking read phones. [FineExtra]

Pirate birthday – The Pirate Bay is celebrating nine years sailing the choppy seas of the internet, fighting cutlass to cutlass with copyright and continually offering up a veritable booty of content for its users despite nearly walking the plank many a time. [Gizmodo UK]

Piracy killed the radio star – According to rock troubadour Neil Young, he's been to Hollywood and he's been to Redwood and he's found that piracy is the new radio, as that is how all the cool kids are now listening to music.

Top of the pops – Want popcorn but don't want to use your hands or any other part of your body to make it? Well you are in luck, as now there is a popcorn machine that works by the power of voice. Called The Popinator, the machine will pop your corn – all you have to do is say the magic words. Lazy. [Engadget]

Tissue talk – There has been a breakthrough in how tissue can be recreated using 3D printers, with a University of California professor successfully demoing how blood vessels can be 'printed' in seconds. [Gizmag]

RoboCopout – The RoboCop reboot is looking worse by the day with new shots from the film showing a suit that looks like Batman sans cape pretending to be a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. We would not buy this for a dollar. [Total Film]

Plus points – Google+ now has 100 million active users. And there was you thinking the site was a ghost town. It also has 400 million registered users, so it does mean only a quarter of users are using it today though. [TheNextWeb]

Alright arrrr kid – The piracy capital of the UK, according to a new study, is Manchester. And the most pirated person is little ol' Ed Sheeran. And, thanks to the BBC, you can now find out what pirates in your area are listening too. It seems that it's mostly bad pop music. [BBC]

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