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Withings Move ECG Europe release means you no longer need an Apple Watch

Withings Move ECG
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The Withings Move ECG is the smartwatch for you if you want ECG features without paying a large sum for the Apple Watch 4 – and now it's available to buy in Europe, meaning you don't need Apple's premium device to watch your heart.

Withings announced the expansion of the Move ECG – which was until now unavailable in Europe – to coincide with IFA 2019, an annual consumer tech event in Berlin, Germany, and Europeans can pick up the watch right now.

The Withings Move ECG is available from £195.95 (roughly $240, AU$350) from Withings' website (opens in new tab). You can also pick it up from shops, but Withings hasn't announced which, yet. Unfortunately for US customers, there's still no word of a release there, although according to Withings that's slated for 'Q4 2019'

We previously saw the Withings Move ECG at the beginning of January, but at the time its worldwide release date wasn't certain. It took quite a while to reach Europe  (nine months in total) but good things come to those who wait – and in this case, the good thing is ECG functionality.

ECG stands for electrocardiography, and it lets you monitor the electric activity of your heart. This is a lot more reliable than a standard heartbeat monitor, and can also be used to check in on various health-related factors. Before being available on smartwatches, it was only available in hospitals. 

The Apple Watch 4 was the first widely available smartwatch with ECG at the end of 2018, but it's a high-end device, so the functionality was rather exclusive. Now, several rival smartwatches with ECG have hit stores, so you no longer need to splash out to monitor your heart.

We've got a hands-on review of the Withings Move ECG if you want to know more about the device.

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