Windows 10 patch cures bug that plagued PCs with Thunderbolt ports

Windows 10
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Microsoft has deployed a fix for a nasty Windows 10 bug which crashed PCs with Thunderbolt ports.

The fix comes as part of optional update KB4586853 for Windows 10 May 2020 Update and October 2020 Update, and because this is an optional patch, you’ll have to check for it and install it yourself via Windows Update (in other words, it won’t happen automatically).

KB4586853 resolves the bug whereby plugging an external NVMe SSD into a Thunderbolt port would cause a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) crash. Although anecdotally, at least some users were seemingly seeing this crash happening outside of this scenario.

At any rate, this particular gremlin is now banished, or at least it should be if KB4586853 lives up to its promises.

Useful fixes

Those promises also include resolving an issue where Narrator freezes, and another where the touch keyboard goes wonky when using the Mail app. Windows Mixed Reality headset users will also be pleased to hear that KB4586853 improves the level of visual quality for those running in lower resolution mode.

Finally, a couple of small niggles affecting gamers have been fixed, including the Xbox Game Bar app controls failing to display on some monitors when playing DX9 games, and an “issue that prevents you from finding certain Microsoft Xbox consoles on a Windows device”.

There are some useful fixes here, then, but as ever, if none of these issues are problematic for you, then there’s no reason to install an optional update (especially seeing as Microsoft’s updates can sometimes cause fresh problems in Windows 10, as well as solving existing troubles).

Via Windows Latest

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