This is what the iPhone 13 should look like

An artist's impression of the iPhone 13 in eight different colors including red, blue and orange
An artist's impression of the iPhone 13 (Image credit: TechRadar)

What will Apple's iPhone 13 look like when it debuts later this year? No one knows for certain, but a huge swathe of leaks and rumors about the upcoming Apple hardware have given us a clear idea of what to expect.

With all of those leaks and rumors cluttering up the internet, we have created renders of the most likely design we expect Apple to employ for its upcoming iPhone 13 flagship phone.

In the image above (and the galleries below) you'll find our renders of the biggest and best iPhone 13 rumors we've seen so far. There's no guarantee this will be accurate come September, or whenever Apple reveals the new phone, but this is currently our best guess at the handset's design.

What will change from the iPhone 12 to iPhone 13?

Consistently leaks have suggested we won't see major design changes for the iPhone 13 series, but there will likely be a few tweaks that mean the look of the upcoming phone will differ.

The camera is going diagonal

Camera upgrades for the iPhone 13 are currently expected to be minimal, with the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max likely to be the handsets that get major changes to their rear cameras.

The design of the camera on the iPhone 13 is widely rumored to be changing though, and the biggest likely change will be the lenses moving to a diagonal design rather than how they look on the iPhone 12.

It's also expected that the iPhone 13 camera block will jut out from the rear of the phone more too. One leak says it'll be 2.51mm thick, which is compared to a thickness of 1.5mm on the iPhone 12.

Expect a smaller notch

According to a wide variety of leaks, Apple will be including a smaller notch on the iPhone 13 series. In fact, it's thought to be 30% smaller in terms of width when compared to the iPhone 12.

This has been cited by numerous sources, and some have suggested that Apple will be moving the earpiece from the notch to the bezel of the handset to provide extra space on the screen.

In our renders, we've included the smaller notch. At first glance, this may not seem as slim as you were expecting, so we've also included it in comparison to the iPhone 12 from 2020.

Expect some new colors, too

Other leaks have suggested that Apple will be changing up its colors in 2021, and that doesn't surprise us. The company often does this when it reveals a new iPhone.

What has surprised us is the colors the company has possibly opted for. According to some leaks, Apple is considering a pink shade and an orange as the new additions for 2021.

Apple isn't adverse to these colors generally, but we've yet to see the company include these on a flagship smartphone. The leaks haven't given us a clear idea of the exact shades, so we've based the above renders on two existing Apple products.

The pink shade is a similar tone to the headband on the company's AirPods Max, which debuted earlier in 2021. The orange meanwhile takes the color of the company's recent iMac 2021.

Neither of these colors are guaranteed to make it to market - in fact, one rumor even suggested the orange variant didn't make it past prototyping stage - but it's fun to see what Apple may decide to bring to market later in 2021.

The rest of our iPhone 13 renders

You can see the rest of our iPhone 13 renders above. As noted, these are just our own artist's impressions of what the next-gen handset may bring, but these are based on what we believe to be the most accurate leaks and rumors so far.

The iPhone 13 series is expected to debut in September 2021, so it’s likely we’ll be hearing from Apple directly about the next iPhone in around two months time. Until then, we'll continue to give you the latest leaks and rumors about Apple's next-gen iPhone.

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