This could be the first game you'll play on your Apple Watch

Letterpad might be the first game to launch on the Apple Watch

A smartwatch might not seem a great fit for a game, but as long as interactions are kept simple there's no reason it couldn't work.

That's seemingly the case with Letterpad, an upcoming game from NimbleBit (the makers of Tiny Tower), which the company has revealed will be available for the Apple Watch among other platforms. As such it should be one of the very first games available for the device.

You can see a mock-up above, which NimbleBit shared with Touch Arcade, showing what the game should look like on an Apple Watch. It's about as mechanically simple as a game gets, with just a grid of 9 letters that you're tasked tasked to combine to make words around a specific topic.

Simplicity itself

In other words it should be a perfect fit for a smartwatch, as all you have to do is tap and possibly swipe. Plus, the whole game fits on one screen.

The game is apparently almost complete, though no release date has been confirmed. You'll first have to wait for the Apple Watch itself to be available of course, which could be as soon as March.

When Letterpad does launch it will come with 200 puzzles along with the ability to create and share new ones, though we imagine the creation tools might require a larger device.

James Rogerson

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