Double-sided strap turns your Apple Watch into a standard watch. Don't ask why

Skyview Pinnacle

While some luxury watch makers, such as Tag Heuer, have joined in the wearable revolution by creating their own smartwatches Nico Gerard - a California-based luxury watch company - has taken a slightly different approach.

It's created a regular analogue watch (the Skyview Pinnacle) with a bracelet that allows you to attach a 38mm Apple Watch to the other side.

If having two watch faces on one strap doesn't sound crazy enough, then perhaps the cost will; at $9,300 (around £5,965, AU$12,608) this doesn't come cheap, but it does include an Apple Watch at least.

Amazingly that's not the most expensive option, as you can get an 18 karat gold version (along with the Gold Apple Watch Edition) for $112,000 (around £72,000, AU$152,000).

Serious or silly?

Nico Gerard's Skyview Pinnacle comes with a 41mm stainless steel case that's water resistant, but will probably end up getting overshadowed by Apple's timepiece on the other side.

If you fancy splashing out a serious amount of cash on a rather silly looking premise, then Nico Gerard is currently taking preorders, with the watches shipping in the next 10 to 12 months.

Via NYDailyNews

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