Apple Watch will be available to buy in stores from June

Apple Watch
Pick up an Apple Watch in store from June.

While you can wander into an Apple Store and take a peek at an Apple Watch today, you can't actually buy one and take it home with you - you'll be asked to reserve the wearable online once you've tested it out in-store.

That will change next month, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, when high street stores will finally get enough stock of the smart timepiece to be able to hand you one over the counter.

Apple has been struggling to supply enough watches for early adopters eager to try out this new bit of gadgetry, but it seems that the pressure is easing slightly and units should be more readily available from here on in.

Apple Pay for China?

Cook's comments have been reported by the usually reliable 9to5Mac from last week's tour of China. It has the potential to become a key market for Apple and the smartwatch roll-out will include Chinese stores.

There were also hints about Apple Pay coming to China, according to "sources with knowledge of the briefing", with Cook saying progress had been made with potential partners. For now, Apple Pay is US-only, though the company has hinted that will change during 2015.

Existing Apple Watch owners got their first software update yesterday. The new firmware fixes a few bugs, improves app speed and increases the accuracy of the activity tracking sensors on the gadget.

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