We may get a OnePlus 9 before we get a OnePlus Watch

OnePlus Watch
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The rumored OnePlus Watch was allegedly gearing up to launch in October, but that has been postponed without listing a new date, according to a new leak.

In other words, the smartwatch is indefinitely delayed, and it’s unclear why: multiple sources informed leaker Max J that the launch announcement had been put off for unspecified reasons. The leaker theorized in a Voice post that it could have to do with production or software issues.

If true, the OnePlus Watch wouldn’t be the only device delayed this year: the coronavirus outbreak has impacted production and development of phones like the Google Pixel 4a, which was expected in May and officially launched in August. The OnePlus smartwatch could've run into plenty of other delays unrelated to the outbreak, but this year's conditions certainly aren't ideal for refining the first device in a company's product line.

A OnePlus Watch faces stiff 2020 smartwatch competition

Max J has recently become the primary source for news on the OnePlus Watch – which still hasn’t been officially confirmed by OnePlus despite rumors swirling for years. We first heard about the watch in 2016, and while escalating news suggested the smartwatch could launch alongside the OnePlus 8T, we’ve slowly gotten a more complete picture of the wearable.

For instance, we heard in September that the OnePlus Watch may have a round display (perhaps similar to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2) and be powered by the new Snapdragon Wear 4100 or 4100 Plus chipset, which we’ve only seen in the TicWatch Pro 3 thus far. And unsurprisingly, we heard it will run Wear OS. 

Despite the outbreak, it’s been a strong year for smartwatches: in addition to the TicWatch Pro 3, we’ve also seen the impressive Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, the new Apple Watch 6, and the affordable Apple Watch SE, to name some of the best smartwatches to come out in 2020. If the OnePlus Watch is released this year, it faces stiff competition.

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