Vodafone kicks off 5G roaming in 55 European cities

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 5G
The Xiaomi Mi Mix 5G is one of the compatible phones. (Image credit: Future)

While the UK was beaten by many other European countries in the race to 5G, one bonus for UK citizens is that there are plenty of 5G-ready European cities to journey to – especially now that Vodafone has kicked off 5G roaming in over 50 cities across the continent.

As of July 26, people who use Vodafone's 5G network can now also go for data roaming in cities across the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy, letting you use all your high-speed internet while enjoying the Mediterranean sun or sipping a lovely European beer.

Vodafone hasn't released the full list of 5G roaming cities yet, but we know it'll include Munich, Madrid and Rome. It's also likely that, as Europe's 5G networks expand further, more cities and countries will gear up for 5G roaming.

According to Vodafone, the price for 5G roaming is exactly the same as it is for using 5G at home – which is to say, the same as 4G.

The two 5G phones available on Vodafone right now are the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G, so these are the handsets you'll be able to use on your 5G holiday, but we expect more to launch soon enough.

Right now, Vodafone is the only UK telecoms company offering 5G roaming. We don't expect this advantage to last for long, as the 5G race is a tight one – so you can expect to see other providers offering it before long.

If the ability to 5G roam is enough to entice you to the 5G way of living, or just Vodafone in general, check out our Vodafone deals page for the best savings on new smartphones.

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