Panasonic unveils two Freesat HD Blu-ray recorders

Panasonic announces UK Blu-ray range
Panasonic announces UK Blu-ray range

Panasonic has revealed a slew of new releases at its European press launch in Amsterdam this week.

One of the most interesting devices is the DMR-BS850, and its stablemate the DMR-BS750. Not only are they Blu-ray players, but recorders too – the first of their kind to hit the UK.

Freesat inside

Both the players are BD-Live, have built-in SD card slots, USB drives, and are equipped with twin Freesat tuners.

They are also Freesat+ compatible, so you will be able to pause and rewind live TV.

So that you can record the oodles of HD and standard-def content, the machines are equipped with a 500GB (BS850) and a 250GB (BS750) hard drive.

As with all of Panasonic's upcoming range, the players will come with Viera Cast internet connectivity – so you will be able to watch the likes of YouTube through your machine. Audio comes in the form of a 7.1 analogue output.

Blu-ray player range

Panasonic also bolstered its Blu-ray player range, airing machines it first debuted in CES.

These include the: DMP-BD80 and DMP-BD60. Both these players are Profile 2.0 and host Viera Cast. The BD80 also has 7.1 analogue output.

Finally, the DMP-B15 portable player also made its European debut this week – the first portable Blu-ray machine of its kind.

According to Panasonic has announced that the players will launch 'imminently', and the Blu-ray recorders will have a price 'near to £1,000'. Better get saving.

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