Valorant's newest agent is Astra and she can divide the map in half

Valorant agent Astra
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A new agent is all set to grace Valorant who can harness the energies of the cosmos. Called Astra, the new agent hails from Uganda and is a controller. She is set to be the fifteenth agent to be introduced in the game by Epic Games

She has been described in the lore as, "Agent Astra harnesses the energies of the cosmos to reshape battlefields to her whim. With full command of her astral form and talent for deep strategic foresight, she is always eons ahead of her enemies next move."

Astra: Abilities and details

Astra's abilities in the game are unusual to say the least. Her abilities revolve around placing Stars on the map, which are essentially small throwable projectiles which can be activated with different effects as and when the player chooses, but she has to phase into her astral form to place these Stars. Between the ability to place stars and her ultimate, she has five skills. 

Astra has to go to Astral form in order to place Stars as well as use her ultimate which is only available when fully charged. Her ultimate ability is called Cosmic Divide which created a wall that goes through the whole map. This wall makes bullets impermeable and heavily dampens audio from the other side. 

As for the Stars placed on the map, there are three different abilities that can be activated on them. The first among those is called Gravity Well which when activated pulls all players towards the center before exploding and leaving them in a Fragile state with lowered defenses.

Next is Nova Pulse which charges up and then strikes, concussing all players in the vicinity. The third is Nebula which when activated transforms a Star into a Nebula which is essentially a smoke.

These Stars can also be returned to the Astra user using the Dissipate skill which creates a temporary Nebula as a fake for the enemies. Astra is all set to go live on March 2 and we will witness how she changes the meta of the game.


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