Uber Eats is offering free delivery across the US as millions self-isolate

Uber Eats
(Image credit: Uber)

As millions of people across the US settle into coronavirus-triggered self-isolation, Uber Eats is offering free delivery across the US and Canada starting today. 

That doesn’t include tip, of course, and customers should still contribute that way for gig workers. But Uber Eats will also make moves to help local businesses in this time. 

“We will also launch daily dedicated, targeted marketing campaigns—both in-app and via email—to promote delivery from local restaurants, especially those that are new to the app,” company head Janelle Sallenave said in a press release

Uber Eats is also allowing restaurants to pay it daily instead of the current weekly billing schedule, and pledged to financially support delivery employees in the event of exposure or diagnosis of COVID-19. 

In addition to Uber Eats, Grubhub (and by extension Seamless) won’t collect $100 million in commission fees for local businesses impacted by the outbreak, at least for now. These must be qualified independent restaurants, per a GrubHub press release.


David Lumb

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