Sony launches Bravia X4500 and W4500 series

Sony has announced two new series, the X4500 and W4500, to its ever-expanding range.

The X4500 is seen as Sony's flagship range, offering Full HD 1080p imaging, 4x HDMI ports, and a new, unique floating design. Well, we guess the TV looks like its floating if you squint hard enough.

The TV also utilises Sony's new Bravia Engine 2 PRO, which filters and cleans images before they are displayed.

This apparently reduces picture noise and widens colour range and smoothes motion. Contrast is also boosted to give images 'cinematic' blacks.

For those who want to watch non-HD footage, the TV houses DRC (Digital Reality Creation) 3.0, which upconverts footage to Full HD.

The X4500 also comes with an audio system – four main speakers and two woofer speakers on the 55in set, and four main and two woofer speakers on the 46in version.

Networked TVs

The W4500 series has been designed under Sony's Draw the Line concept and also uses the Bravia Engine 2 imaging processing – minus the pro part – and Motionflow 100Hz tech, which is said to keep images crisp and clear.

What's interesting about both these models is that they are the first to be networked, meaning you can enjoy multimedia content from any device that support the DLNA standard in your house. Nice.

Size-wise, the X4500 is available in 46 inches and 55 inches, while the W4500 comes in three screen sizes: 40 inches, 46 inches and 52 inches.

The W4500 is available in September, while the X4500 is coming out in October. Pricing is to be announced shortly.

Marc Chacksfield

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