Three brand new MacBooks expected to debut at WWDC 2017

Fresh, new MacBooks may arrive much sooner than previously expected, according to a new report out of Bloomberg. The outlet reports, citing sources “familiar with the matter,” that Apple looks to use the WWDC 2017 stage this June to debut three refreshed MacBook models.

The models reportedly due for upgrades are, unsurprisingly, the MacBook Pro, 12-inch MacBook and perhaps even the MacBook Air.

Bloomberg’s sources claim that the new MacBook Pro will finally house the latest Intel Core i processor series, 7th generation or Kaby Lake, meanwhile the 12-inch MacBook will receive a similar upgrade – though the report makes no mention of which processor product line. (We wouldn't bet on it being a Core i chip somehow.)

Finally, Apple has apparently considered refreshing the all-but-discontinued MacBook Air, because sales have remained strong since it left the spotlight at Apple’s last Mac-related event.

Apple’s inimitable, impeccable timing

It’s almost like clockwork that Apple is rumored to be rehashing its entire MacBook line at its conference all about developers and designers. In the first week of May, Microsoft unveiled its new Surface Laptop, a machine practically designed to fill a perceived void left by the MacBook Air’s absence.

Used to casting the shadows in the industry, not trying to run out from behind them, this wouldn’t be a particularly surprising move for Apple.

That said, don’t expect major updates to how these laptops function in the same way we saw this past autumn with the debut of the Touch Bar. According to Bloomberg, these refreshes are marked internal upgrades aimed to instill a sense of dedication to the product line on Apple’s part.

And, this is not because Apple makes a particular ton of money on Mac sales, though the firm has enjoyed a recent uptick inexplicably. Rather, the Mac is Apple’s legacy, and many longtime Mac fans have expressed their distaste in how Apple has treated that legacy in recent years before and since the release of the latest MacBook Pro.

The image of the product that Apple’s foundation was built upon is at risk of being tarnished, and that’s something the company is clearly trying to avoid, judging by the recent spate of reports regarding both new MacBooks and Mac desktops.

As for whether Apple can rekindle the flame it held with much of the creative community for so long, we’d say that depends upon what upgrades come to said refreshed products. The latest processor is one thing, but a lot of photographers and videographers sure seem to miss those SD card slots, and a screen at least closer to 4K for the hefty price would keep with today's standards.

At any rate, this would mark the first time for Apple to debut hardware during a WWDC keynote since it revealed the last Mac Pro and an updated MacBook Air in June 2013, so this will no doubt be a keynote worth watching.

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