This sweet deal gets you an Olympus E-PL8, a zoom and a fast prime lens for under £300

Olympus E-PL8
(Image credit: Olympus)

Now that mirrorless cameras have been with us for some time, it's possible to get slightly older models at a good price as manufacturers update their lines. And now and again, you can get one for a great price, as exemplified by this particularly tasty deal on the Olympus E-PL8.

The E-PL8 is a handsome, fuss-free entry-level mirrorless camera that can pull off all kinds of tricks, from flipping its touchscreen through a 180-degree angle to shooting at 8fps, sending images over Wi-Fi and providing image stabilization at all times thanks to its integrated sensor-based technology.

It all sounds like it should come at a cost, but this deal makes it a pretty tiny one. Jessops currently has the body and its M. Zuiko Digital 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 EZ ED MSC pancake-style kit lens for £449, but a discount code smashes off a hefty £150 to bring it down to just £299.

On top of that, purchasers will be entitled to claim a free M.Zuiko Digital 45mm f/1.8 lens worth £279 through Olympus, and even a free month of Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan that include Photoshop and Lightroom. 

How to get this great deal

Olympus E-PL8 White plus 14-42mm lens and 45mm f/1.8 lens (via redemption) - just £299 with code OLYDISCOUNT at Jessops

Olympus E-PL8 White plus 14-42mm lens and 45mm f/1.8 lens (via redemption) - just £299 with code OLYDISCOUNT at Jessops

Pop in the code OLYDISCOUNT at the checkout and see £150 slide away from the asking price. The code ADOBE10 will get you a free month of Adobe CC Photography Plan, and the free 45mm f/1.8 lens will make its way to you once you make a successful claim through the Olympus website.

Who is the Olympus E-PL8 for?

The Olympus E-PL8 sits at the base of Olympus's PEN tree, and so it's an ideal option for those after a camera that's affordable, easy to use and capable of better image quality than the average smartphone. The Micro Four Thirds system to which it belongs also has an exhaustive collection of compact lenses, both from Olympus and other manufacturers, so it's a particularly good option for anyone who imagines they'll want to get creative and add some more glass to their kit bag before long. It was recently updated by the E-PL9, which added features like 4K video and slightly more refined autofocusing to the E-PL8's feature set.