This Ring Stick Up Cam accessory gives you a better look at the camera's surroundings

Ring Pan-Tilt Mount
(Image credit: Ring)

Ring has just launched its new Ring Pan-Tilt Mount, specifically designed for the Stick Up Cam. The remote-controlled camera stand is designed to give your Stick Up Cam a better view of its surroundings simply by being attached to the device as part of your smart home security setup.

The Ring Pan-Tilt Mount offers the Stick Up Cam a 340-degree horizontal rotation and a 60-degree vertical tile, all controllable from the Ring app's Live View feature. The new panoramic view expands the Stick Up Cam's default 130-degree static field of view, and could be extremely useful for catching any blind spots your camera was previously unable to cover.

The Ring Pan-Tilt Mount is available to buy right now on Ring's official store for $44.99 / £34.99 individually. The accessory can also be bought with an indoor/outdoor power adapter for $54.99 / £44.99, or bundled with a Stick Up Cam for $129.99 / £109.99.

Ring Pan-Tilt Mount phone camera looking at a dog

(Image credit: Ring)

The Stick Up Cam requires only a few minutes of setup to make it compatible with the Pan-Tilt Mount. When it's ready, accessing its features is a relatively straightforward process. It can all be done via the Ring app, wherein you'll need to select the Live View option, followed by Rotate. You can even set a default position for the Pan-Tilt Mount, allowing the device to automatically reorient itself once you're finished manually viewing its surroundings.

As you'd expect, the Pan-Tilt Mount can be used both indoors and out due to its weather-resistant design, and either placed on a flat surface or mounted to a wall, depending on your preference.

Power options for the device are quite robust, too. If you already own the Stick Up Cam Plug-In, then an attached Pan-Tilt Mount will be powered by that device without needing any extra sources.

The Pan-Tilt Mount is also compatible with both the Stick Up Cam Battery and Stick Up Cam Solar if they're paired with the Indoor/Outdoor Power Adapter, also available to buy on Ring's official store.

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