This humongous Nintendo Switch is anything but Lite

Nintendo Switch
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Part of the reason the Nintendo Switch is so popular is due to the fact you can hook it up to your TV or take it with you when you’re on the move – however, you’d be lucky to fit this giant Switch in your car, let alone your pocket.

Michael Pick, a space software engineer, has created the largest playable Nintendo Switch which boasts a 650% bigger display than the original. It also weighs 65 pounds, measures 70 x 30 inches, and has a 4K resolution display. 

Pick goes into detail of how the Nintendo Switch XXL (as we’re fondly calling it) was made on his YouTube channel. However, it wasn’t just a fun personal project for Pick, as he’s donated the monster console to the Saint Jude’s Children’s hospital for its kids to enjoy.

Pick made the Switch XXL using a combination of wood and 3D printing material. It actually uses includes an actual Nintendo Switch inside, which is quite literally docked in the left Joy-Con controller. A micro controller allows button presses to be registered, which means you can play Switch games using the giant Joy-Con if you wish.

Speaking to IGN, Pick shared why he built the console in the first place, and that the challenge was worth it as it was all for a good cause. 

"I kept losing my switch... haha," Pick joked. "No, seriously I thought it would be a really cool project. And I knew that the kids at the children's hospital would love it. So it was a win-win in my book.

"The hospital told me they intend to install the Giant Switch in one of the play rooms for the kids to play games on. They'll most likely be using Joy-Cons/Pro controllers, so using the switch to play games on won't be a full-body workout (like what you see in my video! haha)."

Super-size Mii

While we can safely rule out Nintendo making a behemoth-sized Switch any time soon, we’re still eagerly awaiting details on the new Nintendo Switch (also known as the Nintendo Switch Pro). It’s tipped to have a 720p OLED screen, and will be capable of outputting at a 4K resolution when hooked up to a TV. It could even take advantage of Nvidia DLSS.

This isn’t the only gigantic console we’ve seen recently, of course. A YouTuber showed off a 10-foot tall working PS5, which apparently cost $70K. That’s taller than Resident Evil Village’s tall vampire lady, for comparison’s sake, who is only a mere 9'6".

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