These super light running shoes are partially made from sugar

Asics GEL-LYTE™ III CM 1.95 shoe
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If you're always thinking about your carbon footprint with every step, then ASICS' new trainers could be the shoes to invest in. The GEL-LYTE III CM 1.95 shoes, which are due to drop early next year, are comprised of recycled and solution-dyed polyester on the upper material of the trainer and the sock liner mesh. 

The average running shoe emits around 13kg of carbon dioxide due to the materials used and how they are disposed of, normally in landfills. ASICS new trainers emit just 1.95kg per pair, so they are a real contender for the best eco-friendly running shoes.

But where does the sugar part come in? The soles are made from a carbon-negative foam, a fusion of material that is derived partly from sugarcane. Using a renewable raw material like sugarcane means the shoes are more sustainable and allegedly provide a more comfortable run.

ASICS' new releases, including the Asics Metaspeed Edge Plus, has shown it's looking to provide ever-lighter running shoes, shaving off grams where it can. Significantly lighter than the lowest CO2e trainers currently available, including Adizero X Allbirds 2.94KG CO2E trainers and ASICS Tiger Runner trainers, you can invest your time in a long run without worrying about extra weight on your feet.

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Analysis: How light is Gel-Lyte?


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ASICS's commitment to lowering their CO2e emissions is obviously a good thing, with the company promising to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, so this shoe is a promising 'step' in the right direction. 

However, its commitment to taking the weight off these eco-hooves indicates ASICS have actually put a lot of thought into this shoe from a performance perspective: not only making it more sustainable but also using materials which will help it and us perform better. The sugar cane sole is said to be more comfortable, and we're looking forward to validating that claim, but the recycled polyester upper will hopefully mean our feet will stay dry as we run through muddy puddles. 

The look of the shoe, with a chunky heel and raised design, including a cool tape structure, gives it an ascetically pleasing look. But as it's a winter shoe, we're hoping it comes in multiple colors, as the white won't stay white for very long, especially if used for trail running or in all weather conditions. 

The best road running shoes are not only light, but durable and comfortable - so even though the ASICS' GEL-LYTE III CM 1.95 are a super sustainable choice, but they'll also have to perform well to contend with the best on the market.

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