The UK's first 5G and broadband bundle has arrived courtesy of Vodafone

vodafone together broadband sim only deals
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The UK's first package incorporating both 5G mobile internet and home broadband has been launched by Vodafone.

Vodafone Together gets you the best of both worlds - the plans start from just £31 per month for that 5G connection plus home broadband. Or you can pay more to get unlimited data.

It also comes with a home broadband app that allows you to pause Wi-Fi, boost or prioritise speeds to devices, give guests access and use live chat support.

You can head straight to the Vodafone website to sign up or read more about Vodafone Together

And Vodafone doesn't stop there. For a limited time, new customers will also receive a free Amazon Echo Plus. Vodafone claims to be the first network to allow customers to make and take calls via the Alexa voice controlled smart speaker.

The latest My Vodafone App allows for control of everything easily in one place. This includes sign up, order and bill management all in one place. Plus you get 24/7 live chat support as standard.

"Another game changing product"

The £31 per month Vodafone Together plan gives you a combined 18 month SIM only and home broadband plan. For an extra £6 per month on the Unlimited, Unlimited Max and 20GB plans you can add an entertainment subscription for free which includes Spotify Premium, Amazon Prime Video, Sky Sports Mobile TV or a Now Entertainment Pass.

Max Taylor, consumer director of Vodafone UK said: "It’s exciting to be launching another game changing product with Vodafone Together - the UK’s first 5G mobile and broadband bundle.

The free Amazon Echo Plus is the perfect partner for Vodafone Together, allowing customers to make even more use of their free mobile minutes. With our world first Alexa calls and Vodafone OneNumber, landline calls really will become a thing of the past."

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