The LG CX OLED is the TV I wish I bought after college – and now it’s on sale

LG CX OLED 48-inch
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When I was in college over a decade ago, I spent hundreds of hours in front of a 19-inch Samsung LED-LCD TV that had a max resolution of 720p. It was fine for the time – HDMI was still new at the time, after all, and it felt cutting-edge – but it still cost me hundreds of dollars for a TV that really wasn't that good.

That's par for the course. Everyone buys something cheap to get them through school. But when I got out, I still used that TV for another four years. At that point, I really wish I splurged on something nicer... something like the 48-inch LG CX OLED

What I hadn't considered is just how much time I'd spend huddled around that 19-inch screen. I used it for work. I used it to game. Heck, I used it to host movie nights. I used it for basically everything and, had I known that, I probably would’ve paid a bit more money to get something I truly loved.

LG 48-inch CX OLED: $1,499 $1,249 at Best BuySave $250 -

LG 48-inch CX OLED: $1,499 $1,249 at Best Buy
Save $250 - It's an amazing TV. It's a great monitor. It's both. The LG OLED TV can be both your go-to screen for both work and play when heading back to school – and it's available at a $250 discount.

Admittedly, there was nothing quite as advanced as the LG CX OLED available at the time I graduated in 2012 and the closest I could’ve gotten was a decently sized plasma screen – which was also pretty pricey at the time – but I can’t help but feel like all that time I spent in front the TV would’ve been more enjoyable had I just sprung for higher-end screen.

Here's why you should spend extra for an OLED

Let me start off by saying that I don’t think that an OLED is a great investment for everyone, especially if you're not necessarily a TV watcher. But if you’re someone who’s planning on spending hours every day in front of a screen for work, play and fun, then it’s probably worth considering if it fits into your budget.

The reason I’d recommend an OLED – specifically the CX OLED – is that it’s currently one of the best all-around TVs. It’s great for TV and movie watching thanks to its outstanding black levels, while gamers can use it as both a 120Hz gaming monitor or in tandem with the PS5 or Xbox Series X

It has larger viewing angles than an LED-LCD TV, which means it’s great for hosting people, too, and at just 48-inches you should be able to squeeze it into an on-campus apartment or even a large dorm room without a problem.

The LG CX is expensive when you’re first striking out on your own – and might even be a risky investment if you live somewhere where the TV could get damaged – but if you’re the kind of person who takes care of their gear and doesn’t mind spending a bit more for quality, then you should definitely give the LG CX OLED some consideration. 

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