The Latest Firefox update gives MacBook Pro users a new reason to ditch Safari

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The latest version of the Firefox web browser is rolling out for users on macOS and Windows, bringing some minor but welcome quality-of-life improvements – including 120Hz refresh rate support.

Now, those of you who are using the best web browsers out there on a laptop like the MacBook Pro 16-inch (2021), or have a monitor that has a VRR of 120Hz or more, can experience smoother scrolling while exploring the web.

The 120Hz Firefox update means pages will look less blurry as you scroll them, letting you more easily skim through content to find the nugget of information or link that you’re after.

Finding what you need in PDFs is also getting easier. Firefox will now automatically highlight parts of a PDF that you need to fill in, making it easier to complete your digital documents.

MacBook Pro 16-inch on wooden table in modern office

Firefox now looks way better on the 120Hz screen of the MacBook Pro 16-inch (2021) (Image credit: Future)

There are also a few new accessibility upgrades. When using picture-in-picture to watch a subtitled video you can change the size of the font from within the video’s window directly, making it much easier to shrink or enlarge the text. A few new sites now support picture-in-picture subtitles including Funimation and Dailymotion.

If you want to make all the text in Firefox bigger, Windows’ 'Make text bigger' setting now changes the size of all text in the browser, rather than just system font sizes. It’ll also be easier to open up Firefox on Microsoft’s OS, as the browser will now be pinned to the taskbar during installation on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Last but not least, you can finally use your keyboard to access the Tabs toolbar. Just use Ctrl/Cmd+L to reach the address bar, then Tab and Shift+Tab to move between the toolbar’s groups of buttons. Once you’ve found the right group the left and right arrow keys will let you move through individual buttons in that group.

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