Telstra overhauls mobile plans ahead of iPhone 8 launch

Telstra has overhauled its mobile plans just in time for the iPhone 8 announcement next week, not only altering its post-paid and pre-paid options but also offering bonus Foxtel Now content for certain plans.

Users signing up to post-paid SIM-only plans of $79 and above, or $99 and above for plans that include handsets, will receive a free 12-month subscription to a select number of Foxtel Now “Starter Packs”. 

Customers get to choose one, two, or three Starter Packs, depending on the plan, and can pick from the Pop, Drama, Docos, Lifestyle or Kids categories.

If you're interested in Telstra's latest offering, it’s worth noting that although SIM-only plans are 12-month contracts, you will have to sign up to a 24-month contract if you’re also after a handset. This means that you’ll need to either cancel your subscription or start paying for Foxtel Now halfway through your contract if you want to keep the service and are also after a new handset.

What's the plan, man?

Along with the new Foxtel Now offer, Telstra has changed the pricing and structure of all of its plans, adding some extreme options such as the “premium” $199 a month, 100GB post-paid plan with a handset.

The pre-paid plans have also had an overhaul, with the Data Bank feature allowing you to save up to 50GB of your pre-paid if you recharge before it expires, allowing you to accumulate quite a stockpile of extra data.

You can check out the full array of new Telstra plans over here and see if any of them tickle your fancy, or otherwise you can hang out for the iPhone 8 launch announcement Tuesday September 12

Harry Domanski
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