Telstra is now guaranteeing good Wi-Fi coverage for NBN users – but it costs extra

Telstra's Smart Wi-Fi Booster on table
(Image credit: Telstra)

As so many of us continue to work, study or teach from home, it’s arguably never been more important to have a fast and reliable internet connection.

In an Australian first, Telstra is now guaranteeing wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage in the homes of its NBN customers, with a slight catch.

The guarantee comes with the purchase of the telco’s Smart Wi-Fi Booster, which comes at an additional cost on top of your broadband plan, and needs to be paired with the Telstra Smart Modem to deliver stable coverage everywhere in the home.

If you’ve been experiencing spotty coverage at home, the Smart Wi-Fi Booster is available on Telstra NBN plans for an extra AU$12 a month over 24-months, or alternatively AU$288 upfront.

Is this for you?

People who live in larger, double brick, or multi-story homes are most likely to benefit from adding a Wi-Fi extender to their home network, as devices across different rooms can struggle to reach a far away modem.

As part of this new guarantee, Telstra says that it’ll work with customers who buy the Smart Wi-Fi Booster to ensure it reaches every room, and it may send up to three extra devices at no additional cost to get you there.

Telstra’s Wi-Fi extender uses EasyMesh technology – the official mesh wireless standard backed by the Wi-Fi Alliance – so connected devices will switch to the strongest Wi-Fi signal as they move around the house to reduce dropouts.

The telco says the system also monitors the connection, and can help pinpoint problems so customers can potentially solve common issues themselves. If required, Telstra has also stated that it will send up to three additional boosters to each household to ensure good coverage – and at no extra cost to the user.

Telstra says if customers aren’t happy with their coverage after 30 days, they’re able to cancel their repayment plan at no cost and receive a one-month credit.

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