UltraViolet landing in the UK on Boxing Day

UltraViolet landing in the UK on Boxing Day
Digital locker nearly here

UltraViolet has announced its digital locker initiative is finally heading to the UK, with Warner the first movie studio to add the service to its DVD and Blu-ray releases.

UltraViolet will debut in the UK 26 December with Final Destination 5 with other titles to follow in the new year.

So far, Warner, Sony and Fox have announced that they will be using the technology in the UK, but the consortium which makes up UltraViolet consists of around 75 companies, including Lovefilm and Samsung.

Content sharing

Speaking about the launch of UltraViolet in the UK, Mark Teitell, general manager of DECE, said: "If consumers buy a movie or TV show they should be able to use it in any way they want.

"This allows consumers to buy enduring rights to a piece of content, like an internet-based version of a proof of purchase, that they can then watch pretty much anywhere they want."

Twentieth Century Fox contacted TechRadar about the news and said: "Movie lovers want the freedom and choice to play their purchased movies everywhere.

"Today's announcement of the first UK licensees for UltraViolet is great news as it means we will soon be able to browse digital versions of movies from multiple studios just as easily as we currently browse our Blu-ray and DVD libraries on our shelves at home.

"Only UltraViolet can make that possible and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is committed to supporting it."

UltraViolet launched in the US back in October, with Horrible Bosses being the first movie to benefit from the 'sharing' technology.

Just last week Tesco announced its digital locker initiative with BlinkBox.

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