UltraViolet cloud movie platform gets Horrible launch

UltraViolet cloud movie platform gets Horrible launch
UV - digital locker arrives

UltraViolet, the movie studio's answer to a cloud service, has launched in the US with Horrible Bosses revealed as the first movie available on the platform.

UltraViolet is backed by some of the biggest movie studios in the world and is a digital locker for movie content. The idea is that you buy a movie on disc format and are then given the digital rights to the movie for use on a number of platforms.

It is like a super-sized version of Digital Copy but the bonus is that you are not tied in to just one device.

Big backing

Warner Bros is the first company to release content for the platform, with The Green Lantern set to follow Horrible Bosses with UltraViolet compatibility and, in November, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 will come to the service.

Other distributors, including Sony and Universal will release content in 2011, and Paramount, Lionsgate and Fox is set to launch movies in 2012.

In theory, UltraViolet is a sound idea. Depending on the title, you will be able to have up to 12 digital files for use on whatever gadget you have – be it an iPod, Android device, PCs and tablets.

UltraViolet is set for a UK release but it is still a little fuzzy as to when we will see the multi-format content hit the shops.

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