Samsung's 82-inch display is also power PC

Is it a display? Is it a PC? It's both!

Samsung has announced the release of the largest and most powerful display it has ever created. SyncMaster 820DXn has full-HD resolution and contains a powerful dual-core Windows XP computer.

Measuring 82-inches diagonally across, and costing a hefty $76,999 (£38,866), this is clearly not designed for you to put in your living room. Instead it’s intended for corporate and commercial signage applications.

Samsung's biggest display ever

Featuring a new Digital Information Display (DID) panel designed to lower the temperature of the display, the SyncMaster also uses a multitude of built-in fans to keep temperatures low inside. And what might it have inside that needs all that cooling, you ask?

Well the display has a powerful PC inside it to eliminate the need for an external input source to drive the image on the screen. The built-in computer features an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3400+, 1.8 GHz dual core processor, 4 GB of flash storage memory, 512 MB DDR2 RAM and runs Windows XP.

Featuring a 5000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, ultra-high brightness levels and 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution, the 820DXn display is clearly designed to look good outside in bright environments. If you decide you want to buy one of these, perhaps you’d like to spend $17,000 (£8,575) on a Blu-ray player to go with it?

Samsung has also just released some new plasma TVs designed especially for keen gamers, but only in Korea for now.

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