Samsung 2012 TVs' release dates and pricing announced

Samsung 2012 TVs' release dates and pricing announced
Samsung ES8000: it is big and it is clever

Samsung's LED TVs were among the best that CES 2012 had to offer, and the company has now unveiled the release dates and pricing for the lust-worthy flagship ES8000 series.

The good news is that some models, including the ultra-slim, practically bezel-less 60-inch Samsung ES8000 LED TV will be available this month in the US and pre-Easter in the UK – the bad news is that you're looking at quite a hefty investment.

For those 60-inches of LED TV goodness, our American cousins will be paying $4,399.99, which rather suggests that UK buyers are looking at an investment of approximately £2,800 plus a little bit more in tax and because we're British and that just seems to be the way of things.

Many and varied

Sliding down the scale, the ES7500, also available in a 60-inch model as well as 55-inch, 50-inch and 46-inch iterations, comes in at a maximum of $3,999.99 (around £2,500) and is also available this month, in the US at least.

The Samsung ES6600 and ES6500 ranges will also be landing between March and May 2012, with prices starting at $999.99 (around £650) for the 32-inch ES6500 model (although the release date for this one is yet to be announced).

As promised, Samsung also has a few more affordable LED TV sets coming this spring in the shape of the EH line; the EH5300 comes with Smart TV and 1080p resolution.

The Samusng EH5300 comes in screen sizes from 32-inches to 50-inches, with prices ranging from $579.99 to $1,199.99 (£400 to £770) and release dates starting in March.

Basically there's a whole bunch of LED TVs to lust after in various sizes and shapes. Samsung tells us that the UK retailers are yet to set pricing for the British models but the listed prices should give you a bit of a guide as to how much you'll have to save up.

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