Pure takes aim at TV with its first Freeview box

Pure takes aim at TV with first Freeview box
Revolutionary new design, yeah?

Pure has taken a step away from the heady world of DAB radios with the launch of its first set-top box, the Pure Avalon 300R Connect.

The Avalon 300R is a Freeview+ HD digital television recorder with an Intel chipset powering its Imagination 3D graphic use interface. That 3D know-how allows for some fairly interesting 3D channel transitions that wouldn't be out of place in a WI powerpoint presentation.

As well as what Pure describes as a unique UI, you can do all the normal Freeview jazz - watching and recording 50 SD channels and 4 HD channels, as well as pausing and rewinding live TV.

Cloud connect

The Connect bit of the name relates to your ability to watch and listen to cloud based content including YouTube, HTML5 iPlayer and Pure Connect (including internet radio and listen-again content) via Wi-Fi.

Ethan Hawke

There's also PiP channel hopping and Dolby Digital Plus for souped up sound, with ports including four HDMI inputs, one HDMI out and a USB port.

Pure Avalon 300R Connect PIP

Colin Crawford, director of marketing at Pure, explained why Pure is stepping out of its comfort zone.

He said, "The user interface is driven by phones and tablets; TVs starting to catch up but Freeview boxes very definitely not so.

"The TV is still the hub of the living room and we want to deliver more through that hub."

"And in a way," he added, "Why not?"

The Pure Avalon 300R Connect Freeview+ HD box is available in 500GB and 1TB editions, with pricing set at £299 and £349. Pre-orders open on Friday at John Lewis.

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