Sony announces two new 3D Bravia TVs

Sony's new 3D Bravias feature 'monolithic' design with concealed touchscreen controls
Sony's new 3D Bravias feature 'monolithic' design with concealed touchscreen controls

Sony has announced two new 3D Bravia TVs this week, both due for release later in 2010.

The latest models – the NX713 and NX813 – feature dynamic edge LED backlighting, with Motionflow 100Hz Pro on the former, and Motionflow 200Hz Pro on the latter.

Sony is still to confirm exact UK release dates and pricing. We will be sure to bring you these details as soon as we get them.

Elegant 'monolithic' design

In the meantime, Sony's press release announcing the new NX713 and NX813 TVs notes that the two new network models "combine 3D capability, connectivity and elegant design."

In addition to full high definition 3D, both sets feature Bravia Internet Video, "for on-demand, online entertainment."

Somewhat strangely, consumers will need to add a 3D Sync Transmitter and glasses to get the 3D experience, with these not being provided out of the box.

Still, if you are already gearing up to invest in a new 3D Bravia for this coming winter, the marginal extra cost of one or two sets of 3D glasses is hardly going to put you off…

Movies, TV and games content

But what of 3D content? What can you actually watch on your shiny new 3D Bravia later this year?

"All 3D Bravia TVs are supported by a rapidly increasing variety of 3D content," adds Sony's release, "including the latest Hollywood movies on Blu-ray 3D disc such as Sony Pictures Home Entertainment's Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs; sport, music, natural history and entertainment from new 3D cable and satellite channels; even 3D games such as WipEoutHD and MotorStorm Pacific Rift for the PlayStation3."

Sony adds that Bravia Internet Video will let you watch catch-up TV services and YouTube without the need for a PC, "plus exclusive content like the FIFA World Cup Collection and streaming movies from Lovefilm."

"With 3D capability, the connectivity of Bravia Internet Video and stunning monolithic design, the NX713 and NX813 are perfect for people who want both style and performance from their TV," says Christian Brown, Senior Category Marketing Manager, Sony UK.

Adam Hartley