Samsung's 2012 Smart TV line-up hits the UK

Samsung's 2012 Smart TV line up hits the UK
Samsung televisions - smart in more than one sense of the word

Samsung has finally brought the LED and plasma televisions it launched at CES 2012 to the UK.

That means all the delicious designs we salivated over in January could soon be nestled in our living rooms - from the lower-spec ES5000 all the way up to the nigh-on-bezel-less five-star ES8000.

All the televisions in the line-up come with Smart TV functionality, which means they'll connect to the internet using Samsung's line-up of TV apps.


As well as the apps, which include iPlayer and Lovefilm, you'll be able to control the televisions using voice and motion control if that's the kind of thing you're into.

Robert King, Samsung's VP of consumer electronics, is pretty excited about it all, saying, "By combining Smart Interaction, Smart Content and Smart Evolution with true-to-life picture quality and 3D functionality into an amazingly thin form factor, Samsung is enabling consumers to experience the future of Smart TV, today."

The entire Samsung 2012 line up is now available in retailers around the UK.

Also of note in the smart TV world today is the fact that Netflix is now available on the Sony Entertainment Network.

That means that Netflix subscribers can use the app to watch television series and movies on a connected Bravia TV, Blu-ray player, network media player or on a PS3.

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