Nintendo launching its own UK TV show

Girls Aloud often like to relax by training their brains!
Girls Aloud often like to relax by training their brains!

Nintendo is set to launch its own TV show on Channel Five in the UK later this year, signing an ad-funded programming deal with the broadcaster to find "Britain's Best Brain".

The £2 million deal is a major marketing coup for Nintendo, with the company planning to use the opportunity to promote DS titles in the run up to the busy Christmas holiday sales period.

The deal with result in an eight-part series set to air on Channel Five from October.

The one-hour shows are to be developed and produced by Tiger Aspect and Group M Entertainment. Contestants will take part in five tasks, each of which test a specific brain function: memory, co-ordination, numeracy, recognition and risk.

Fancy your chances?

If you fancy your chances and happen to be a wiz on Nintendo's Dr Kawashima's Brain Training on the DS, then the platform-holder is running a six-week long nationwide recruitment drive kicking off this month to find contestants for the show.

Due to Britain's rather stringent rules on product placement, Nintendo DSes and Wiis will not be allowed to be used within the programmes themselves, although Ninty will get exclusive sponsorship credits around the programme.

Fancy your chances? Head to for more info on where and when you can apply.

Adam Hartley