Virgin Media launches on-demand channel

The V box is at the centre of Virgin Media's offering

Newly-launched Virgin Media is to release its on-demand channel today. The service, called Virgin Central, works through an interactive free channel on the platform. Using their remotes, Virgin customers can select from a list of shows such as Little Britain and The West Wing.

On-demand TV is in vogue: Channel 4 has already launched its 4oD internet service, the BBC 's planning on doing so, and Sky's about to offer its Sky Anytime service through a dish as well as online.

MediaGuardian reports that Sky and Virgin Media continue to debate whether Sky One will appear on the cable platform. The current agreement ends at the end of February.

Virgin and Sky aren't exactly enjoying the best of relationships with Richard Branson, who has made no secret of the fact his company is competing with Sky. Branson had previously hoped to merge with ITV, but his hopes were dashed when Sky purchased 17.9 per cent of ITV's shares, giving it a formidable position.

Virgin Media was launched on 8 February and brought together Virgin Mobile with the broadband, cable television and landline services offered by the companies formerly known as NTL and Telewest.
The group already has a sizeable 10 million-strong customer base. According to Virgin, there are 5 million cable and 4.5 million mobile customers, in addition to the 250,000 ISP service users.

Virgin Media has also announced plans to roll out into non-cable areas over the remainder of the year using broadband connections to provide a similar service to BT Vision. The group says this will enable it to reach 97 per cent of UK households.

Customers can choose from a range of products on the 'quad play menu' in clearly priced packages to suit their needs. Virgin Media offers two products for £20, three for £30 and four for £40.


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