Sony's giving five free 4K movies to Ultra HD TV buyers

Here's what's on offer

Sony is offering five free 4K resolution movies for anyone who buys a 4K Sony TV between now and 24 December 2014.

One of the key concerns for anyone thinking about 'going 4K' with their next TV is where to actually get 4K content from. Sony is addressing that problem with its latest deal.

Buy one of Sony's selected 4K TVs and you'll receive a portable hard drive pre-loaded with your choice of five films from a selection of 10. TVs in on the deal include the Sony X9 and S90 models.

4K films on offer include span classics like Ghostbusters, The Patriot and Total Recall, and more modern releases Captain Phillips, Battle: LA, Salt and Moneyball. Topping off the selection of ten are Premium Rush and the two Amazing Spider-Man films.

The fine print

While it'll be a great way to show off your new TV, you don't have these films forever. Baked-in DRM means you'll only be able to watch them until 30 September 2016.

You won't get the hard drive with the TV either, but will have to redeem it post-purchase, with a deadline of 31 January 2015 to claim. Once you've claimed it, it'll be delivered straight to your door.

Aside from deals like this, the best way to get hold of 4K content is through Netflix, which streams a limited number of titles to a limited number of sets in the higher resolution.

To see whether your Sony TV supports Netflix 4K, check out the Sony page on the Netflix Help Center.

Andrew Williams

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