Toshiba joins 100Hz HDTV bandwagon

Toshiba's REGZA Z series leads its new range of LCD TVs

Toshiba has given its 2007 range of REGZA LCD TVs a refreshing new look. It's announced the REGZA Z Series - what the company calls its most technologically advanced collection of LCD TV panels to date.

Available this month, the REGZA Z series certainly seems to sport some top-notch image processing capabilities, as well as a comprehensive array of connection options.

In addition to a full 1080p HD display, standard across the entire range, each Z series panel also packs in Toshiba's Active Vision M100HD 100Hz Picture processing. That's double the refresh rate of standard LCD panels, creating a smoother image. Toshiba says it's therefore ideal for fast-moving sports and film footage.

One of the other premier features of the Z series is its capacity to display film shot at 24 frames per second (fps). That's the same frame rate that most Hollywood movies are filmed in. Several manufacturers at this year's IFA have demonstrated TVs supporting native 24fps - expect most new ranges to support this.

Toshiba REGZA Z series

The REGZA Z series also introduces full 10-bit colour processing, and mid-colour tones are managed using Dynamic Gamma Curve Correction technology. This is supposed to ensure a smoother transition of the colour tones between black and white. And it should go some way towards trying to recreate the warm colour spectrums that you get with good plasma screens.

The range has dynamic contrast ratios ranging from 6,500:1 to 15,000:1, which promise to deliver some adequately deep blacks and bright whites by actively controlling the LCD backlight.

The connectivity of the REGZA Z series includes 3 x HDMI inputs as well as component video, S-video and scart sockets.

The Z series is available in five screen sizes, starting at 37 inches and going up as far as 57 inches, with each model encased in a gloss black exterior.

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