Kogan joins Bombers for an official 32-inch Essendon TV

Kogan Essendon TV
You wouldn't want to change teams after this show of support...

All fans love a good piece of memorabilia and now Essendon Football Club has teamed up with Aussie-retailer Kogan for the release on an official, limited-edition Bombers-branded TV.

The 32-inch LED HDTV will sport the Essendon FC logo on the bezel, as well as on the remote and the TV's start-up screen.

This isn't Kogan's first foray into footy-branded TVs, having already released a 32-inch Geelong Cats-branded TV last year and a 42-inch Collingwood TV the year before.

"I'm genuinely excited to offer Bombers fans an opportunity to support their club, but also to get themselves a ridiculously affordable 32-inch high definition LED TV proudly sporting their club's insignia," Kogan founder and CEO Ruslan Kogan said.

With a price-tag of just $259, it could prove to be a reasonably-priced morale booster for the fans of the club, which is currently embroiled in a drug scandal.

Essendon specs

The Essendon TV has some decent specs, with built-in PVR and support for an external storage device holding up to 1TB data.

The 32-inch LED display sports a 1366 x 786 resolution, with three HDMI and one USB 2.0 slots, along with the usual gamut of inputs and outputs.

Available for a limited time only, Kogan currently has it up for presale for $259, not including postage. The shipping date is slated for September 23.

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