Freeview HD moves past 3 million landmark

Freeview HD moves past 3 million landmark
Freeview HD - big landmark

Freeview has announced that sales of Freeview HD devices has surpassed the 3 million mark, with integrated televisions accounting for 90 per cent of that total.

Freeview HD currently offers access to four HD channels – BBC One HD, BBC HD, ITV1 HD and Channel 4 HD – although a fifth channel is expected to launch in April 2012.

Freeview has proven to be a massive success in the UK, with 18 million homes in possession of Freeview devices.

Integrated - utilised?

With many mainstream televisions boasting Freeview tuners, it is difficult to be specific about how many people are actually using the service as their primary viewing experience, with many using paid services such as Sky or Virgin Media.

But, Freeview figures that 1.75 million Freeview HD devices are currently the main set in UK homes – which leaves an impressive 1.35 million as secondary sets, making up the current total of 3.1 million units.

"Breaking through the three million sales barrier is huge achievement for Freeview HD," said MD Ilse Howling.


"Television remains an incredibly important part of people's lives and Freeview has continued to provide the most-loved programmes in the format people want since Freeview launched in 2002," she added

"Our focus now is to ensure we continue to develop and give viewers what they want over the next 10 years, post-switchover and beyond.

"We're seeing a shift in what viewers want from their TV provider. The ability to access high definition has become something people expect as normal when buying a new television.

"Also, most Freeview HDTVs and some Freeview+ HD recorders now offer smart features giving viewers access to more entertainment such as BBC iPlayer, YouTube and Facebook."

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