Asus and others set to unveil Google TV devices next week

LG Google TV
LG is one of nine Google TV partners

Google is giving its good TV graces to a handful of manufacturers at next week's Consumer Electronics Show, likely in the hopes of jolting some life into its struggling small screen venture.

The company announced in a blog post Friday that three firms - Asus, Hisense and TCL - will unveil Google TV devices during the annual tech gathering.

Existing partners like LG, Vizio, Sony and others are also slated to demonstrate Google's revamped TV platform through each companies' individual offerings.

LG already set the wheels in motion when it revealed before Christmas that it will show off seven new Google TV sets at the show, with the largest screen size, belonging to the GA6400, coming in at 60-inches.

Time to shine

Google gave its struggling television platform an overhaul last November, updating it for speed and accessibility.

The company has struggled from Day 1 to gain a following, both from consumers and big names like Samsung. Though the South Korean giant has announced a Google TV product, it has yet to follow through with actually releasing anything to the public.

With the addition of Asus, Hisense and TCL, Google can count nine TV buddies, a decent pack if it hopes to keep growing its TV gig.

The G-team also plans on showing its YouTube on TV feature on LG, Panasonic and Sony Smart TVs during the Vegas corral, so its presence will certainly be felt.

TechRadar will land in Nevada before long and we'll let you know if the Google TV showcases hit the jackpot or go bust.

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