YouTube on TV landing on Panasonic, Sony and LG screens at CES 2013

LG's new display will bring YouTube on TV to CES
LG's new display will bring YouTube on TV to CES

Google is bringing its YouTube on TV Android pairing feature to a host of new Smart TVs at CES 2013. Best of all, there's no need for extra hardware.

The firm announced that new televisions from manufactures LG, Panasonic, Bang & Olufsen and Sony will support YouTube on TV without the need for any additional hardware like a Google TV box.

The feature lets users pair an Android smartphone or tablet with a television to stream videos on the bigger screen while using the Android device as a remote. The Android device can be used to browse for the next video while one is playing on the TV, or even set up a queue of videos.

Android users with a Google TV box can already make use of the streaming feature through an update to the Andriod YouTube app that launched in November.

Bye, bye Google TV box

While LG, Panasonic, Bang & Olufsen and Sony will be the first manufacturers with compatible smart TVs at CES 2013, more are on the way throughout the year.

Google says that compatible smart TVs are also being produced by Phillips, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba and Western Digital that will launch later in the year.

Last month, LG got ahead of the announcement, unveiling its new Google TV-equipped GA6400 and GA7900 that will make debuts at CES.

Google avoided actually using the term Google TV in the announcement, so don't count on all of Google TV's features to be a part of the new televisions. Instead, Google is only announcing the YouTube on TV feature for the new devices.

LG's secrets are already out, but we'll still have to wait until CES for the full skinny on all of the new TVs on display.