3D TV viewing improvements to be made in 2012

3D TV viewing improvements to be made in 2012
More control over 3D quality on the way

The DVB (Digital Video Broadcast) Group has revealed that it is looking to enhance the quality of 3D TV in the UK and it hopes it will be able to put a number of improvements in place in 2012.

According to Wotsat, the DVB Group is looking to add Depth Range Control and is investigating how to upgrade to Full HD detail from today's half-HD 3D.

These features are set to appear in the Phase Two 3D TV standard which will arrive in the UK next year.

Poke your eyes out

Speaking at IBC about the improvements set to be made, David Wood, chairman of the DVB commercial module said: "Young people like more depth in the IR pictures than old people do. They like 'poke your eyes out', but older consumers like flatter images."

There are two ways, according to Wood, that these improvements can be made. The first will be at expense to consumers, as it would mean using the MCV format used in Blu-rays, which would mean the purchase of compatible TVs and set-top boxes.

The other way is to keep the half-HD 3D quality that's being piped through at the moment but implement extra picture detail with the use of a second signal.

Marc Chacksfield

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