TCL 4K TVs will ‘protect your eyes’ from harsh blue light

TCL C71 QLED (2020) (Image credit: TCL)

If you’re in the market for a smart TV that looks after your eyes, TCL has the paperwork to prove it. The Chinese electronics manufacturer's display panel production arm, TCL CSOT, has met the requirements for the EyeSafe Display Standard, lowering the risk of high blue light emission that could negatively impact your eyes.

TCL CSOT – a LCD Panel suppler for TCL TVs – needed to meet requirements for both Low Blue Light (self-explanatory) and Color Performance (meaning that the lack of blue light doesn’t ruin color accuracy on the display).

A press release for the announcement called the EyeSafe Display Standard ”the most advanced health and safety requirement for protecting users’ eyes from the most toxic regions of blue light while maintaining color integrity.”

It’s reassuring to hear, as TCL launches two new QLED TVs in the UK, with its first 8K TV for the region coming later this year too – while TCL continues to be a dominant force in the US TV market. We're told, however, that TCL CSOT only supplies some panels and parts to TCL TV, meaning that the TCL TV 2020 range hasn't itself been certified to the same extent.

Especially in times of lockdown, when we’re likely more glued to our screens than ever, it’s worth paying attention to our screen time and how we can mitigate irritation or damage to our eyes – something that’s difficult to prevent if you’re working remotely and staring at a laptop all day (help).

Eye see you

The announcement comes only a few months after Samsung received similar certification, from two separate safety-standard organizations in the US and Europe – Underwriters Laboratories and Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker – both of which have certified Samsung’s 4K and 8K TVs as proving “no photobiological LED hazard”. Well, that’s a relief!

It’s certainly important for these manufacturers to have consumer health as a high priority, though these eye safety standards will likely feel less meaningful the more TV brands are able to secure them. If you want the most safe televisions you can, where should you turn?

You can check out our full blue light guide to find out what else you can do to mitigate blue light, from screen filters and Dark Mode to blue light-blocking glasses.

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