Tag Heuer’s Super Mario smartwatch costs the same as 6 Nintendo Switch OLEDs

An image of the Tag Heuer Connected Super Mario edition on a blue background
(Image credit: Tag Heuer)

Tag Heuer recently teased that it would be launching a Mario-themed watch, and we now know everything about it, including the price, which comes in at a massive $2,150 / £1,800 (around AU$2,875).

This information doesn’t come direct from Tag Heuer – which is still counting down to an announcement on July 15 - but from various websites including Engadget and WorldTempus, which appear to have received the details early.

This Super Mario smartwatch will in fact just be a version of the latest Tag Heuer Connected wearable, so the core specs are much the same, including a 45mm watch face, a 430mAh battery, 5ATM water resistance, and the Wear OS operating system. Given that it’s unclear which watches will get the new version of Wear OS launching later this year, its software could also soon become dated.

So what’s actually new here? With the Super Mario edition you get a new "gamification rewards system", with Mario greeting you each morning, and then different animations as rewards for approaching and hitting your step goal.

These animations include famous Mario items, like pipes and super mushrooms, and there are also a selection of Mario-themed watch faces to choose from.

The physical watch itself has also had a Mario makeover, with red accents throughout, and the letter M engraved on the crown and strap buckles. You’ll also get two straps with the watch – one that’s black leather on red rubber, and one that’s a sporty perforated red rubber. And this is all packed into a red travel case.

If you want to get your hands on one of the Super Mario Tag Heuer Connected watches though then it might not just be the cost that holds you back, as while the wearable will be available from July 15 on the company’s website and from select boutique stores, only 2,000 units of it are being made.

So this could become something of a collectible, and in that light the price maybe isn’t quite so unreasonable – especially when you consider that it’s actually priced in line with the rest of the company’s smartwatches.

That said, if you miss out you might not lose all the Mario fun, as Tag Heuer is reportedly considering bringing the Mario software features to other Tag Hauer Connected models at a later date. That means you’ll still have to spend big to access them though.

James Rogerson

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