Surface Pro 4 update turns Cortana into a more useful assistant

It has been a long time since the Surface Pro 4 saw a firmware update – in fact, the last one was at the end of August – but a fresh update has just been pushed live, with some good news for those who use Cortana on their convertible.

The update contains one tweak (instead of the usual bunch) and it’s to the driver for Realtek High Definition Audio (SST), with v6.0.1.7895 said to improve Cortana’s performance, and also system stability in general.

Exactly how the digital assistant for Windows 10 is enhanced isn’t detailed in Microsoft’s release notes, sadly, but you should see smoother performance all round, and any previously noticed glitches may have been cleared up (fingers crossed).

Grab that update

If the update hasn’t already made itself known on your Surface Pro 4 device, you can check for it manually. To do so, click on the Start button, click Settings, then Update & Security, and select Windows Update. From here, you can click Check for Updates, and then follow the instructions once the latest update has been uncovered.

Back in August, the last firmware update for the SP4 tinkered with various power-related settings and boosted battery life (and also did so for the Surface Book – although this time round, there was no corresponding update for the latter).

Recently, Microsoft has been concentrating its firmware tweaking on the Surface Pro 3, which has been suffering from several battery-related issues, the latest of which had a fix pushed out last month.

Via: Ubergizmo

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